Inspired by the natural landscape & elements found in New Zealand, I have created an eccentric style & presentation of art.
With the color variations of over 40 different shades of natural New Zealand sand, I have the ability to capture the distinctive attributes of that special person, place,beloved pet or landscape, in a highly detailed & personalized sand portrait and sand painting.

In my sand paintings and portraits, I have pursued the simple and effective results that can be attained through contrasting the natural colors and textures of the sand.

I grew up in a small village, in East Germany. While spending most of my childhood in the outdoors, living off the land, building tree huts & collecting Mother Nature’s gifts to create beautiful arts & crafts, I built a strong connection with nature.
My Happy Places are on the water, by the beach, in the forest - surrounded by trees or in my studio - creating.
Often I sit & listen to the ocean or the trees, wondering what wisdom they would share, if they could talk.
In my eyes they are like old wise men and women, trying to remind us of how important our connection to nature is.
How we are all naturally connected through our roots. To embrace the simple or most natural things, which are so much more important and can give us so much more than some superficial, manufactured things.

With my art, I am trying to remind of this important, natural connection to nature and  its great benefits.
When people look at my work and feel the connection with the subject, that for me, is the result I am working towards.
The reason why I create. To bring memories back to life.

Re create that feeling, as if you are surrounded by nature, the urge to feel the sand between your fingers and toes, the optical illusion of just wanting to touch that tree bark, feathers or hear that wake break.
To re produce that relaxed, refreshed feeling to make the viewer want to connect with Mother Nature and take a deep breath,
that is achievement for me.

I studied graphic design / sign writing & worked in that industry for 7 years. During that time, I refined my eye for detail & love for contrast & texture. In 2000 I sold my first commissioned pieces (abstract water color) in Germany.
In 2003 my love for nature led me to New Zealand. Its beautiful & breath-taking surroundings inspired me to paint.
When I discovered the black iron sand I wanted to embrace its beauty, by incorporating it into my acrylic paintings.
The idea of Sand Art was born & rapidly grew into my passion.

Over the last 12 years,  I perfected my work into highly detailed fine art & sand portraits.
The sparkly texture and depth of the sand, bring any image to life. I paint with paint brushes & adhesive & apply over 40 different shades of natural sand layer after layer, line-by-line, leaving each shade to dry before applying the next. Sand paintings do not fade & are protected by a layer of clear coat. I love the soft natural tones & find working with sand very calming.
The feeling of sand running through my fingers, is very therapeutic.
I constantly push new boundaries to create the perfect illusion of natural materials, their 3 dimensional depth & textures.
Some pieces have a colored, acrylic background to include colors that are not available through the use of sand alone.
I have held 7 solo exhibitions and been part of over 20 international & national art shows and sales.
My work can be found in Galleries through out New Zealand & Germany.

Enjoy, Nancy Tschetner

Her work is of high standard and demonstrates elements of fine art

  • 2005 First Solo Exhibition ‘Sandmaenchen’ Flax Cafe Taupo
  • 2011 Solo Exhibition ‘Made by New Zealand’ Taupo Museum
  • 2011 Exh. ‘Borderless’ New Zealand Academy of Fine Art, Wellington
  • 2012 Part of Exhibition ‘Embracing Diversity’ Taupo Museum
  • 2013 Solo Exh.‘Embracing NZ Nature’ Crave Art Space, Auckland
  • 2013 People Choice Award Winner @ Milford Art Gallery, Auckland
  • 2013 Original Art Sale - Auckland
  • 2013 Combined Art Exhibition “3 Wai” Red Rock Gallery Taupo
  • 01/ 2014 Solo Exh. “Created by Nature”, Wallace Gallery, Morinsville
  • 04/ 2014 Artist of the month, Lilly Pad Garden & Art Studio, Cambridge
  • 05/ 2014 Solo Exhibition @ Kitchen Table & Communtiy Art Space, Napier
  • 09/ 2014 Group Exhibition “Connections” – Taupo Museum
  • 04/ 2014/15/16 Royal Easter Show - Auckland
  • 05/ 2015 Original Art Show - Auckland
  • 05/ 2015 Baradene Art Auction & Sale - Auckland
  • 05/ 2015 Taupo Arts Trail 2014/15/16
  • 05/ 2014/ 2015 Hibiscus Hospice Art Show- Auckland
  • 06/ 2015/ 2016/ 2017 Art-X National Exhibition & Art Sale - Napier
  • 06/ 2014/15 Christchurch Artshow, Solo Pannel
  • 06/ 2016 NZ Art Show
  • 05/ 2017 Solo Exh. "Natur Pur"- Kreative Haus Eisenach, Germany
  • 06/ 2017 Award winner 2nd Place at Royal Easter Show- Auckland
  • 06/ 2017 Searle Travel Art Award Winner, People Choice Artist of the Year
  • 09/ 2017 Solo Exhibition at Zohar Gallery, Mount Maunganui
  • 03/ 2018 representing New Zealand in the international Womens Art Exhibition for World Women's Day 2018 in Dubai, with my artwork "Together"
  • 04/ 2018 Award Winner at the Royal Easter Show Auckland, with my artwork "Kowhai"
  • 08/ 2018 Franklin Arts Festival
  • 09/ 2018 Solo Exhibition at Zohar Gallery, Mount Maunganui
  • 10/ 2018 Solo Exhibition at The Mandarine Tree, Gordonton
  • 11/ 2018 Global Art Award, Dubai with my sand artwork "Together"

Where you will find Nancy's Sand Art:

  • Zohar Gallery, Mount Maunganui                                            
  • Bread & Butter Gallery, Whitianga
  • Kanuka Design, Raglan
  • Otautau Gallery, Southland
  • Artmosphere Gallery, Waipawa
  • Bread & Butter Gallery, Whitianga
  • 4 Art Sake Gallery, Ohope
  • Adawn Gallery & Gifts, Whakatane
  • Matapihi Gallery, Raglan
  • The Mandarine Tree, Gordonton
  • Waihi Beach Gallery, Waihi
  • Rare Creations, Mapua, Nelson

Nancy enjoys creating sand art and loves experimenting with new ideas. She is always looking for new ways to improve her work and is determined to make her art a successful and well-established business. Her goal is to own her own Sand Gallery.