Welcome to my website New Zealand Sand Art - Sand Paintings & Sand Portraits made with natural New Zealand sand

Artist Nancy Tschetner creates a different form of contemporary art.
The majority of her Paintings & Portraits are created with
over 40 shades of natural sand.
"I would love to talk to you about creating something truly natural
& personal for you or that special person. Please get in touch with me."

       Hamilton sand artist selected to represent New Zealand in Women's Art Exhibition in Dubai, to celebrate international Women's Day 2018, under the theme "Press for Progress.

I like to introduce and offer
                         my new project to you all.

Sand paintings or
                         acrylic paintings on doors
                         and other personal pieces.
                         (table tops, fridge doors,
                         drawers,car bonnets,
                         head boards etc.)

                         Talk to me about your idea.
                          I look forward to hear from you.

                         This door sand painting
                          is created solely with 3 shades
                          of natural international Sand.